Dr. Pernell H. Hewing, Ph.D., Th.D.
Founder and President

Apostle Dr. Pernell H. Hewing is founder, and President of Share-A-Prayer and Word Theological School of Ministry of Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Called to the ministry after receiving a Ph.D. Degree in Business, she has committed her life to the Lord in total surrender and is committed to a life of prayer and training, guiding, and nurturing others for the ministry of prayer.

Before her retirement, Dr. Hewing was Professor of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Currently, she teaches and preaches the gospel, conducts healing and deliverance seminars, and regular prayer seminars in the Sanctuary, the House of Prayer where she lives.

Dr. Hewing founded and developed the Share-A-Prayer Intercessory Prayer and Word Leadership Training School which evolved into Share-A-Prayer and Word Theological School of Ministry. She now serves as President of the School of Ministry.

Dr. Hewing is owner and minister of the Sanctuary located in Whitewater, Wisconsin. The Sanctuary serves as a house of prayer, and a rest, renewal and restoration center where Christians come from all over the world for times of fasting, prayer, healing and ministry.

Dr. Hewing is founder and director of Sanctuary Outreach Ministries, Inc., and founder and senior pastor of The Church of the Firstborn. She also serves as coordinator of the Midwest region of Christian International Apostolic Network of Churches.

Dr. Hewing is an ordained Apostle with Christian International Apostolic Network of Churches, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop. She received the Doctor of Theology Degree from International Theological Seminary of California, Van Nuys, California. In addition to her spiritual training, she is well-trained academically. Dr. Hewing received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Education from Allen University, Columbia, South Carolina; a Master's Degree in Business from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and the Ph.D. Degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin.


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